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With COVID-19, Active Directory Is More Vulnerable than Ever. Be Prepared with a Doomsday Disaster Recovery Plan


The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the workplace — and the IT threat landscape. With work from home the new normal, and IT pros struggling to enable effective remote access on top of all their normal responsibilities, your threat surface area is greater than ever. It’s inevitable that someone will make a mistake, whether it’s a member of your mobile workforce clicking on a phishing email or an overworked IT pro misconfiguring a key system. Moreover, hackers are seizing the opportunity to launch a barrage of cyber attacks worldwide. Since Active Directory is the primary method of authentication and authorization for 90 percent of enterprises, it’s no wonder that they are focusing on compromising AD.

These mistakes and attacks can quickly lead to a disaster — or even a doomsday disaster that threatens the continued existence of your organization. For true cyber security resilience, you simply must be prepared to quickly restore your AD, both on premises and in the cloud. This tech brief can help. Download it today to discover:


1. The most common causes of IT disasters

2. How to be prepared with a doomsday disaster recovery plan

3. The key disaster recovery metrics you need to achieve to get your organization back on track

4. Where to find a complete IT disaster recovery solution that will help you quickly recover from a disaster


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