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Microsoft Security Scenario: Shadow IT

Shadow IT is on the rise. More than 80 percent of employees admit to using non-approved SaaS apps in their jobs, and Gartner estimates that by 2020, a third of successful attacks experienced by corporations will be on their shadow IT resources.   While the urge to eliminate all shadow IT applications is understandable, it’s rarely the best solution.1

Microsoft can help organizations put policies in place to manage shadow IT and rogue devices and remain secure.2   


How do I find and manage shadow IT and rogue devices, and put in place policies to ensure we remain secure?


I want to support our team in their use of cloud apps to increase their productivity, but as the security administrator, I need to see what cloud apps are being used, so I can assess their risk and protect against threats. 

A common enterprise struggle

A fully mobile sales team:

The sales team has gone fully mobile to help them connect with customers and increase productivity. They are encouraged to try new technology to help them work smarter.

Security Administrator:


Our company is focused on adopting technology to improve productivity, but my job is taking even more time. I can’t see what devices and apps are accessing our network.

How Microsoft 365 changes the paradigm



microsoft 365 icon 3

Our sales manager shared the updated monthly pricing list with his team via a new collaboration app they are testing out.


• Analyze network traffic to discover what cloud apps are accessing our network 

• Analyze the risk score to decide if I want to sanction or block the app 

• Get alerts if a new app is discovered with a low risk score or if daily uploads spike





microsoft 365 icon 1

Our sales team always upgrades to the newest smart phone when it comes out, so the customer testimonial videos they post to our Instagram page are great quality.


• Eliminate rogue devices by recognizing new devices when they first connect to the network, and prompt the user to register it 

• If a user account gets compromised, automatically block them from sharing or downloading sensitive information via cloud app




microsoft 365 icon 2
The sales operations manager posts customer appointment details to a shared folder in a cloud storage app, so reps can easily access address and contact information.

 • Data labels and security are automatically applied to documents per our corporate policies when shared via cloud apps like OneDrive, SharePoint, or Box 

• Let sales access our approved apps from personal devices, but limit their ability to access or download sensitive info






Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 includes powerful security tools that work together in different combinations to protect your organization 
in a variety of ways. These products come together to secure your organization
against risk from shadow IT and rogue devices:

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Azure Active Directory

Azure Information Protection


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