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Humio redefines log management Total Cost of Ownership

There’s an increasing sense of urgency as enterprises accelerate their transformation to a digital environment. Data is experiencing a period of exponential growth with more employees working remotely, more processes being automated, and companies relying on an increased focus on digital customer experience. As a result, it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep systems secure, reliable, and high performant.


Beyond cost savings: Is it time to modernize your log management strategy? 


Ingest or log retention is limited by license
restrictions or excessive hardware requirements

  You can’t run searches on streaming live-tail data
as well as retained historical data

Deployment options are limited to on-premises or in the cloud

The search language is difficult to learn
The system uses a traditional database

New users must be trained on how to use the
system’s interface

Indexing requirements bloat storage

  Alerts and automated scripts are considered
advanced features

You must add 
expensive storage nodes or limit
storage to stay within budget

  Adding new data requires special training and

Data is 
only available after it’s indexed and written to disk

  The system requires constant maintenance to
keep it running

There’s a 
delay as data is compiled and searches are run again



It’s time for a modern log management platform, one that’s built to deliver the speed, functionality, and ease of use required to monitor, troubleshoot, and secure a modern IT environment.


Humio, now a Crowdstrike company, is purpose-built to leverage technologies that make it cost-effective and highly efficient to collect and search all log data and do so at scale, in real time.  


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