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Get started towards a 360° view of your customer with Informatica

Download the CDO's Guide to Customer Intelligence

The pandemic is forcing businesses to look for creative ways to stay profitable, by optimizing existing resources, reducing costs and innovating on products and services.  In the midst of all the uncertainty, it is 
customer intelligence that can serve as your compass to guide your next moves.  


Customer Intelligence can help you to:   

cross sell

Improve cross-sell and
upsell by 60%

marketing effectiveness

Boost marketing
by 30%

conversion rateIncrease conversion
rate by 20%

loyalty programs

Grow spend from
loyalty programs by 20%

boost customer experience

Boost customer
experience and satisfaction

deep understanding of data
Get a deep understanding of data 
that improves engagement 




However, attaining a 360-degree view of customers can be challenging especially if your customer data is scattered throughout the organization.  You need to locate relevant data, consolidate and clean it, and make it easy for authorized users to access and draw insights from it.  


Get started on Customer Intelligence with this free eBook


A CDOs Guide to Customer Intelligence ebook



Download your free copy of A CDO’s Guide to Customer Intelligence 
and you will:

· Learn to position your customer intelligence initiatives for success

· Understand the evolving demands on customer data

· Gain more insights on the four components of customer intelligence

· Be able to build flexible architectures
· Find out how to get buy-in from key stakeholders