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Monitoring Any Workspace from Anywhere, Anytime

Digital workspaces are the predominant means by which organizations are looking to support remote employees and workers.  Popular technology choices available include Citrix virtual apps and desktops, VMware Horizon, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Amazon Workspaces, and Amazon AppStream 2.0, among others.

While the choice of technology and architecting the solution is a big challenge, an even bigger challenge is ensuring that digital workspaces deliver on their promise.  Employees and remote workers using digital workspaces must be productive, otherwise, the business investment in these technologies is at risk. (

  Ensuring a Great Digital Workspace for Users








To give employees the best experience possible, you need digital workspaces that bring together applications and data with a managed experience that gives you fast issue resolution and peace of mind.
Contact us today to learn how eG Innovations can help you find the root cause of performance problems across complex IT deployments.

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