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Nexus Consulting Services

Nexus Consulting Services


Your partner in data-driven advisory.

The Nexus Consulting Group is a trusted partner for advisory and consulting services, specializing in analytics and data science. We help clients achieve strategic objectives by creating data-driven solutions, promoting an analytical culture, and streamlining operations.

The Team

The Analytics Consulting Group is composed of talented consultants with a diverse set of skills in data science and analytics. We have backgrounds from statistics to operations research from the top PH and US universities and functional expertise from business intelligence to software engineering. Our consultants have experience across multiple industries such as telecommunications, retail, and utilities both inside and outside the Philippines.

Service Areas


Data Engineering
We design, develop, implement, and maintain systems to extract, transform, load, and manage data. We process and store large amounts of data efficiently and prepare it for further analysis by analysts and data scientists.

Data Analytics
We specialize in turning data into actionable insights. Our core skills in statistics and mathematics allow us to quantify problems, find patterns, and understand relationships in data. To drive actionable insight, we start with simple questions like “what happened” to more advanced analytical questions like “what is the best decision moving forward”?

Insight Delivery
We strongly believe in packaging insights in forms that are easy to consume by clients and end-users. Whether it is a presentation to senior management, interactive dashboards, or applications embedded in business operations, we make sure that clients access to our insights right when they need them.


Business Process and Change Management (BPCM) Consulting
• Business Process and Organization Assessment / Review
• Business Process Reengineering
• Process Mapping and Policies Documentation
• Lean Management and Continuous Improvement
• Cost Management
• Performance Management – Performance metrics
• Change and Human Resources Management

Digital Transformation (DT) Consulting
• IT Assessment/Review (high level and detailed)
• IT Strategic Planning – Blueprint, Roadmap & Strategy
• IT Architecture (Business Applications & Infra)
• Business Solutions Detailed Requirements Evaluation and Selection
• IT Governance
• System Implementation and Quality Review
• Information Security Management
• Business Continuity Planning - Solutions and Data Backup & Recovery
• Data Privacy Act Compliance

Project/Operations Management
• Project Guidance and Quality Assurance
• Project Planning, Management and Implementation
o Senior-Executive Management
o Steering Committee
• IT Operations Management
o CIO Services
o Senior-Executive Management

Projects and Case Studies

Purchase Recommendation Tool for a Large Distribution Company

Identified PHP 25M+ worth of potential inventory reduction by recommending purchase quantities based on sales forecasts and inventory levels.


Fraud Detection and Customer Analytics for Distribution Utilities

Designed and developed an analytics portal in collaboration with a utilities technology provider to provide distribution utilities and co-ops with fraud detection and customer analytics capabilities based on billing data.


Network Traffic and Capacity Monitoring for a Large Telecommunications Company

Developed and deployed near real-time dashboards including custom geographical and network maps to eliminate 3 man-days per week spent on Excel report preparation.

To solve these kinds of problems, the group leverages its expertise in the following areas:

Predictive Analytics and Statistical Data Mining

Optimization and Prescriptive Analytics

Machine Learning

Blog Posts

Interested to know more about how analytics can be applied to the real world? Learn and explore different and creative applications of analytics through our blog posts!

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