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The New Way to Desktop

Introducing the Optiplex 7070 Ultra - hidden in plain sight


Key features of the new Optiplex 7070 Ultra



The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is a highly compatible, fully modular zero footprint desktop solution. It features swappable elements, and an ultracompact PC module that can be hidden in a stand for a beautiful and sleek desktop experience.




Designed for flexibility


  A fully modular solutio

Take control of your workspace with a new form factor that combines the sleekness of an all-in-one with the flexibility of a desktop. Its modularity, compact design and power savings create a truly innovative experience. All while consuming less power versus the standard desktop.2

An invisible footprint

The 7070 Ultra design allows the PC to be hidden inside a monitor stand for a zero-footprint solution. The Height Adjustable Stand supports any VESA-mounted monitor up to 27" while the Dell MSA20 Arm3 and Offset VESA mount supports any VESA-mounted monitor up to 38". 

Small and versatile

The 7070 Ultra integrates seamlessly into a custom monitor stand and easily pops out to be mounted on a wall or under a desk.

Simplicity breeds productivity

Declutter your workspace with the ease of single power cord connectivity when paired with Dell P Series or UltraSharp USB-C monitors. Create a clean and efficient solution with dual monitors to increase productivity by up to 21%.4 Ultra also connects natively to three monitors.




Smart and Intuitive


Low-touch IT

Quickly deploy, service or swap each element independently for ultimate manageability and performance. Easy access to the memory and hard drive, and the toolless chassis and stands allow IT to focus on innovation instead of servicing the system.

Flexible by design

The versatile design allows for quicker and more affordable tech upgrades for every office space. 

Modernize your workspace

The 7070 Ultra is the perfect fit for businesses that depend on a variety of set-ups across their organization. The VESA mounting responds to user's needs across multiple use cases and deployment types. 

Made for every type of user

With its unique and adaptable features, the Ultra leads the future of work as the ideal solution for multi-user, open-plan work spaces with its flexible configurations and sleek, uniform design.





Work at full speed


Always ready

Built on Intel® 25W mobile architecture, the Ultra 7070 features Intel® Mobile U processors that enable Ultra’s compact design to maintain high-level power and performance with up to a Quad Core™ i7. 

No project is too big

The Ultra can be configured with up to 64GB DDR4 RAM and up to two 1TB SSDs. 

Always on, just like you

The new Always On Power Delivery feature, available on the Dell P Series or UltraSharp USB-C monitors, protects the Ultra from a hard shut-down if the monitor is accidentally turned off, preventing data loss. 

A perfect pairing

Ultra, paired with Dell P Series USB-C monitors ensures, future-ready connectivity, a one power cord solution and saves workspace set up time with reduced cabling. Take advantage of the "without stand" option on the P series USB-C monitors for an eco-friendly solution.






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