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Nexus moves to its new HQ

Just in time for our 25th year, Nexus has moved to its very own 10-storey headquarters along Metropolitan Avenue, San Antonio district in Makati City. The Nexus Center comprises three floors of office spaces for Nexus, two floors of leased office space, four levels of parking, a 10th floor Conference Center, a roof deck, and a ground floor commercial area.


In 2013, Nexus bought the property where a Total gas station, straddling Metropolitan Avenue and Kamagong Street, was up for sale. Twenty-eight months after groundbreaking in March 2017, we are finally home!  The Art Deco style—sleek, colorful, retro, interesting geometric shapes, intricate details, elegant—that’s the inspiration for The Nexus Center.    




"We envision The Nexus Center as the hub for The Nexus Group to enable us to easily collaborate and share resources and talents.  We constructed a building that is functional, comfortable, energy efficient, and a showcase for technologies.  What an opportune time for us to be celebrating our 25th year in business at The Nexus Center!"


Juan Chua


Nexus Technologies




True to the nerdy nature of Nexus, we named our meeting and function rooms after some of the most influential and celebrated geeks in computing:

•  Tim Berners-Lee – inventor of the worldwide web
•  Vint Cerf – father of the internet
•  Grace Murray Hopper – discovered the first computer bug (actually a moth stuck in the computer)
•  Claude Elwood Shannon - father of information theory
•  Charles Babbage – father of computing
•  Ada Lovelace (or Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace) – mother of computing
•  Alan Turing– father of modern computing and AI


We call the identical meeting rooms Berners-Lee, Cerf, and Hopper as the BCH rooms for short, in honor of our much-loved, late former chair, Bun Chin Hwang, who was also known by those initials.


The 10/F function area will adequately serve our requirements for small meetings for eight people to trainings for 25 – 80 participants. Not just for learning, but also for fun and fitness, Turing will soon be the regular venue of The Nexus Group’s four times a week after-work fitness sessions as we twirl in Zumba, punch and heave in Kickboxing, run and kick in Muay Thai circuit, and crunch in Core.



Nexus management and staff contribute their thoughts on The Nexus Center:



“We call ourselves The Lipat-Bahay gang, department coordinators for the move to The Nexus Center.  Close monitoring, effective coordination and determination made it possible for us to rise above challenges. What I primarily liked about the new building is the parking; I finally have a  space!  Our offices are surrounded by windows permitting natural light conducive for working.”


Rhoda Reyes
Manager - Inside Sales & Sales Admin, Sales



“Since I bought some of the equipment, materials and furniture for the new building, I have waited with much excitement to see how they turn out.  In my way, I am fulfilled and proud to have contributed to The Nexus Center.”


Vince Subaldo
Team Leader, Operations



“Witnessing The Nexus Center rise and unfold is what it feels like when a child unwraps a much-anticipated Christmas present.  I was involved from the purchase of the property and every step of its build as part of the construction committee.  It's a lot of work and I surely learned a lot in the process.  And now, I get to step inside a building we can call our own! ”


Tere Matammu
AVP Finance – Comptroller, Finance and Administration

We hope to welcome our partners—valued customers and principals— to the Nexus headquarters soon!  Our new address:  The Nexus Center, 1010 Metropolitan Avenue, San Antonio, Makati City.





Nexus is moving to its new headquarters!


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