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Forrester report—Devops: The CIO's guide to velocity

Chief information officers know they need to provide superior and differentiated customer experience (CX), and transitioning their software delivery model to fast, frequent releases is a key success factor. While CIOs may know the destination, many struggle to define the road map; Forrester's customer-obsessed operating model (COOM) guides organizations toward digital excellence. This report applies Forrester's COOM to development and operations (DevOps) and addresses the major stumbling block for CIOs: accepting that they must sacrifice perfection for speed.



DevOps Delivers Velocity With Quality And Agility
Speed rules in the age of the customer; however, speed with low quality is a disaster. The age-old quest for perfection is equally bad. Speed with quality is the mantra of the DevOps movement. CIOs must replace traditional linear thinking with Agile thinking.

DevOps Requires A Transition From Tech-Focused Teams To Product Teams
Effective DevOps requires the fusion of development and operations into teams that are product (or solution) based. These teams will own the complete product life cycle.

Automation Across The Complete Life Cycle Is A Critical Imperative To Delivering Value
Today, automation typically takes place within technology silos. Automation across the complete life cycle will drive velocity, and integration across the life cycle will remove human error to reduce risk while driving enhanced quality of service.